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“Do not hesitate to hire Marcos Garza!”

“Mr. Garza and his staff were EXCEPTIONAL and very professional when it came to my case. I really didn't know what I was facing but he did a wonderful job assuring me he would do his best. His investigative team is also top notch. It doesn't get much better!! I want to tell them all thank you for their efforts and I walked away Scott free from any charges. Amen! ”

Posted by David, a Criminal Defense client, 2 months ago

Tennessee driving under the influence (DUI) laws are complicated, the penalties are severe. Don't trust your future to just any Knoxville DUI attorney make sure you select the right DUI defense lawyer with the training and skills to fight for your rights and protect your future.

Knoxville Tennessee DUI Attorney , Knoxville DUI Lawyer, Knox County, TN Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys.

Even though alcohol-related traffic deaths continue to decline, as they have for decades, driving while intoxicated (DWI) or impaired (DUI) continue to be a serious problem.

All states forbid operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. In the majority of states, these types of offenses are called DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Some other states term these offenses either OUI (Operating Under the Influence) or OMVI (Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated). Regardless of the different terminology, many states’ laws and regulations are very similar, with violations frequently resulting in fines, jail time, probation and even driver’s license revocation. Each and every state’s legal limit for intoxication is .08 blood alcohol content (BAC).

Nationwide Crackdown on DUI is an $11 million advertising program in addition to increased law enforcement action against motorists who have consumed alcohol. The U.S. Transportation Secretary has warned that “If we catch you drinking and driving, we will arrest you and prosecute you.”


Tennessee supports holiday driving under the influence crackdowns, like the Labor Day crackdown "OVER. THE. LIMIT. UNDER ARREST." with close to 200 checkpoints planned by law enforcement agencies across the state. Media purchases include $95,000 in television buys and $90,000 in radio buys just for Labor Day alone.

Tennessee Alcohol-Related Arrest Data For 2012

DUI / DWI Under 18: 2040

Total All Ages: 26,322

Liquor Laws

Under 18: 1,270

Total All Ages: 8,071


Under 18: 3,369

Total All Ages: 130,622

Driving anywhere, anytime, under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous to you, your family, other passengers and everyone else on the road. It does not matter if it is down the block or across the country; it is a risk you are taking for someone else. Drinking and driving has a lasting effect. Getting arrested has a lasting effect on your job, your budget and your integrity. Being in a crash has long-term medical, even fatal, consequences.

A DWI or DUI are misdemeanors in most cases, but they are some of the more serious misdemeanors. In some cases where serious injury to people or serious damage to property has occurred it can be classed as a felony. It can also be classed as a felony if a driver has multiple drunk driving convictions.

Skilled and Experienced DUI Defense Lawyers Located in Knoxville, TN

We understand that a DUI can have long-term and devastating effects on your liberty, your livelihood and your life. We know that a Tennessee DUI can cost you your job and future employment opportunities as well. At the Garza Law Firm we are committed to developing a successful criminal defense strategy for fighting and defending your DUI or other related criminal charge.

We handle DUIs, other criminal charges and personal injury cases across East Tennessee and beyond. We routinely make appearances in courts across the State of Tennessee.

Common misconceptions of some of our prospective clients charged with a Tennessee DUI are:

 1.There is nothing to do once charged with a DUI, except plead guilty,



 2. Once a chemical test such as a blood or breath test is given, there is

 no defense to a DUI,


 3. Poor Performance on Field Sobriety Tests will prevent a successful

 defense of DUI.

These assumptions are often wrong. The Garza Law Firm takes the approach that there is almost always a possible successful legal or factual defense to your DUI. Mr. Garza has dedicated himself to learning and understanding all potential defenses to your Tennessee DUI. Attorney Marcos Garza and his dedicated legal team takes a positive approach to defending your DUI results by devoting time to finding and developing your case and possible defenses. Although no lawyer wins every single case, the Garza Law Firm's approach to fighting DUI's results in more positive outcomes for clients.

Don't Let a Tennessee DUI Conviction Ruin Your Future


The best results are achieved when you contact a dedicated Tennessee DUI lawyer or Tennessee DUI attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of developing a successful defense to your Tennessee DUI charge.

We Will Fight to Help You Keep Your License and Help Keep you Out of Jail

Call (865) 540-8300 today to discuss your DUI or other criminal charge. We will return your call promptly, and we are available to schedule a free appointment to discuss your case at a time that is convenient with your work schedule, including evenings and weekends. The Garza Law Firm understands that a DUI can be very disruptive to your career and way of life, and we make every effort to minimize the negative impact that a Tennessee DUI charge can cause.

Our team of skilled DUI defense attorneys will fight to protect more than just your license, your record, and your freedom. We protect your career, your family, and your future.

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